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Insurrections and inter-communal violence in which religious, linguistic, or racial divisions are a significant factor now form the majority of armed conflicts in the world today. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, ethnic conflicts have grown and proliferated at an alarming rate. Understanding the nature of these conflicts is now a crucial challenge for commentators and decision makers, whether in government, commerce, education or the media.

The Ethnic Conflict Information Centre

This site is published as an information resource for students and newsgatherers, drawing on news sources from around the world. Our twitter feed, EthnicConflict, provides breaking news on ethnic disputes around the world. Our news archives contain resources on each conflict, organized by region.

Fields of Fire - An Atlas of Ethnic Conflict

Fields of Fire - An Atlas of Ethnic Conflict
provides a concise, authoritative commentary on each of the nearly one hundred ethnic conflicts around the world, with a summary of key dates, events and demographic data, together with specially drawn maps providing a geographical context. Conflict updates are available to readers through the password protected area of this website.

Free update

Download update to Central Asia section to cover 2010 intercommunal violence in Krygyzstan.








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